How is it taught? 

In classes – Awareness Through Movement

In my ATM (Awareness Through Movement) classes I choose a theme to explore through movement with my movement with my students. 

These lessons include standing, walking, sitting and lying on the floor. I encourage my students to explore a sequence of movements, gently repeating these to discover new possibilities for themselves. The movements may seem simple, yet they can also be challenging. With practice exploring internal sensations with a heightened awareness, unconscious muscular tension and inhibitions are released, enabling one to move better, feel better and learn faster.

At Arrow Equestrian, we have our day long “Arrow Days” which take place monthly on a Sunday. Sue Nevill-Parker and I choose a theme for riders to explore, such as diagonal aides. 

Starting off with plenty of tea and coffee, Sue explores the theory of this topic, which lasts approximately one hour. They then saddle up and continue with this theme in the indoor school, with Sue teaching. After a shared lunch, I take over and teach an ATM class, continuing with the theme. These days are informative and very fun. Non-ridders are always welcome to join the ATM class.

In the autumn, I plan to start classes and a series of workshops in Monmouth. One class will be for general ATM lessons. Another class which I am excited to be offering is for individuals who have a fear of falling. This can relate to the older person who has possibly had a hip replacement or anyone with this related fear. 

New workshops in the planning process are for carers, wither individuals or these working in care homes. I feed it is essential for those caring for others caring for others to care for themselves and learn to move themselves in order to prevent injury when moving others. 

“Move yourself, move another, move together as a team”

Other workshops on offer will be for young performers and also Introduction to the Feldenkrais method drop in workshops. 


Workshop Diary


Oct 14th 


Arrow Day at Arrow Equestrian 10:30 – 4:30pm 

Feldenkrais and Chi Ball


Oct 28th


Feldenkrais class at Arrow Equestrian @ 2pm - 3pm


Nov 18th


Arrow Day at Arrow Equestrian 10:30 – 4:30pm


Nov 25th


Feldenkrais class at Arrow Equestrian @ 2pm - 3pm


Dec 2nd


Feldenkrais Class at Arrow Equestrian 2 – 3pm


Dec 9th


Feldenkrais Class at Arrow Equestrian 2 – 3pm