Sarah Merriam Pierce

I am American, and my first love as a young girl was anything to do with horses. However, in my mid-teens, I fell in love with theatre, so I spent one-year studying Theatre Arts and Fine Art in Texas Christian University before taking a place on the stage management course in East Fifteen School of Acting in London. Working as a Stage Manager on the start of a production, is like juggling a puzzle. Not only does the Stage Manager liaise with directors and actors but also makes sure all the departments such as wardrobe, props, set, lighting and sound, plus others, are on time, making sure that on the “opening night” all the pieces fit together. 

Moving on, I decided to return to my studies and found myself studying Fine Art in Newcastle – Upon – Tyne, first as a Dance Performer but then I fell in love with the camera – both still and moving. After being awarded a BA (Hons)  in Fine Art/Media, I returned to London to pursue a second career as an Assistant Film Editor. Editing a film is constructing another puzzle, piecing a film together, taking apart, matching it up with sound and then a one-hour documentary is produced. 

During my time in London as an Assitant Film Editor, I had the fortune to be appointed Principle Dresser with the company now known as English National Ballet. I worked on their Summer and Winter season, immersing myself in the dancers' world. 

As well as my work, I also studied Tai Chi with Dr John Kells at the London school of Tai Chi Chuan and I was an Alexander Technique student of the wonderful Gwyneth Cotes. 


Realising I needed to remove myself from the film industry I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method by my mentor who was my Osteopath and the rest is history…

I was a student of the first UK International Feldenkrais Training qualifying in 1990. 

After starting my own family, I qualified as an early years teacher of Feldenkrais and Drama as a means of developing children's own skills of movement and communication. I was offered a position in the Monmouth Montessori Nursery and Llangattock School, where I was encouraged to teach all the children Feldenkrais lessons, and I became Head of Drama. 

Now I am building my Feldenkrais Practice in Monmouth and at Arrow Equestrian, Western near Pembridge. I also travel to individuals homes if they are unable to travel. I work with the very young to the very old and immerse myself in peoples stories.